We are grateful for any donation

Your donation goes to where the villagers need it most. You can either support us with a one-time donation or start a fundraising campaign yourself. Occasions such as birthdays or other anniversaries are ideal for this.

You can deduct the donation from your taxes. For amounts of money up to 200 euros, a simplified proof requirement applies. As proof of donation, the tax office only needs the bank’s booking confirmation (account statement, direct debit receipt or PC printout in the case of online banking) if the name and account number of the ordering party and the recipient as well as the amount and booking date can be seen on it. We will be happy to issue a receipt for larger donations. Please indicate your name and address on the transfer form and we will send you the donation receipt. (Privacy policy).

Donation account

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Projekt Miabale Melezanay ab Germen e.V. 
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